Document Management Issues

The following list collects many of the articles, newsletters and blog entries that I have written over the past 10 plus years on the question of Document Management (my Newsletter No. 4, in 1998, was called "Why Document Management."). The articles and newsletters are listed first, followed by blog entries in descending chronological order.


                    Document Management Systems: Why Bother and How to Shop for One - Part I

                    Document Management Systems: Why Bother and How to Shop for One - Part II
                            This two-part document appeared on the Technolawyer listserv as "Technofeatures."  They represent a distillation of the
                            White Paper listed below. Part 1 is the "Why Bother" and Part II is the "How to Shop for One"

Why Document Management: A White Paper.  
    This is a summary of just about everything I know about the issue today. At 27 pages, it is fairly long, but you can also just read a single section that interests you (email or scanning for example)

Newsletter 31, Tips for Implementing Document Management (Spring 2006 )
                                Covers concrete issues faced when actually implementing a document management system.

                    Newsletter 25  Why Document Management (June 2003)
                                General considerations on what a DMS can do for you.

                    Newsletter 4  Why Document Management (March 1998)
                                Similar, but a different set of software

                    Worldox Frequently Asked Questions
                                A list of 20 or so questions clients frequently ask about Worldox

                    Worldox  "Cheat Sheet"
                                Basic functionality of Worldox. Meant as a series of reminders, not as a full-fledged manual.

                    Blog: 1/27/09. Reference article in Law Practice Today
Refers to a useful article published by Debbie Foster and Steve Best in Law Practice Today

                    Blog: 11/03/08  Issues with PDA access to a DMS

                    Blog:  9/08/08   Toward a Document Management White Paper

                    Blog  9/02/08    Pitfalls of "Do It Yourself" Document Management

                    Blog  8/26/08    List of previous "Tips and Tricks" published in Blog