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No. 34. Spring 2008. AMD Alive and Well at LexisNexis.
No.31 Spring 2006
Implementing Document Management
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Computer News for Law Firms began publication in October 1997. Below is a complete listing of all issues.

No. 34, Spring 2008
AMD Alive and Well at LexisNexis

No. 33, Winter 2007
Do You Really Want to Upgrade?

No. 32, Fall 2006
Upgrades Galore -- or Not?

No. 31, Spring 2006
Tips for Implementing Document Management

No. 30, Fall 2005
Configuring WordPerfect/Word

No. 29, Spring 2005
Linux for the Legal Desktop?; Desktop Search Engines

No. 28, Fall 2004
How Secure is "Secure"?

No. 27, Spring 2004
Automating Your Law Practice

No 26, October 2003
Worms, Spam & Other Slime?

No 25, June 2003
Why Document Management?

No. 24, February 2003
The Microsoft Utilities Industry
Microsoft Utilities Vendors

No. 23, Fall 2002
Microsoft Security: an Oxymoron?

No. 22, Summer 2002
Configuring Word and Outlook 2002

No. 21, April 2002
The Future of Case Management Software
Can Word 2002 Breach Attorney-Client Privilege?

No. 20, October 2001
Small to Medium Firm Disaster Recovery

No. 19, September 2001
Upgrades: WP10, Word XP, Amicus, Time Matters

No. 18, April 2001
Financing Upgrades in a Downturn

No. 17, February 2001
Internet Software Research Sites

No. 16, December 2000
ASPs Approach Legal Applications

No. 15, October 2000
Choosing a Case Management Tool

No. 14, Summer 2000
ASPs Could Carry Lethal Sting
Love/Hate Viruses

No. 13, February 2000
What Does the Future Hold?

No. 12, December 1999
Scanning and Litigation Support

No. 11, October 1999
Amicus Attorney IV Now Available
WP Law Office 2000

No. 10, Summer 1999
WordPerfect Office 2000 Available
Worldox 8 Upgrade

No. 9, March 1999
LegalTech: New and Forthcoming

No. 8, January 1999
E-Mail and the Internet

No. 7, November 1998
Microsoft or Novell Best for Law Firms?

No. 6, September 1998
01/01/00: Are You Ready?

No. 5, May 1998
Corel WordPerfect Legal Suite 8

No. 4, March 1998
Why Document Management?

No. 3, January 1998
Customizing WordPerfect 8

No. 2, November 1997
Criteria for a Good Web Site

No. 1, October 1997
WordPerfect 7 Legal Suite
“Microsoft Annoyances”

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